Privacy introduction

Your information are important to us


Your privacy is important to us

For us, Privacy is a fundamental right and a value to be protected, for this we respect your privacy in every aspect of our business. Trust is a principle of mutual exchange, a founding value for our business and is at the base of everything: we preserve you controlling personal data and digital content through the prevention of unauthorized access. We ask for information only to improve services and only if strictly necessary.


Not only we implement our principles, but above all we want to protect you from external threats. We carry out this task through our services and by sharing with you our information concerning digital ecosystems. Your digital heritage and its contents must be just your business and nobody else's business.


To improve our services and communications, we collect data on the use of our products. We perform activities of constant monitoring of the functions used by our products through analog and digital systems to constantly check performance and correct functionality. These activities obviously do not allow us or third parties to control what activities you do, but allow you to always have the maximum efficiency and effectiveness in terms of security and privacy.

No surprise

ENIGMA software and services are free of backdoors for unauthorized access by authorities or other entities.

There is no privacy without security

Security contributes to the protection of sensitive data from cybercriminals and from the attempt to intrude, sniff and / or steal data. Security is the most effective tool to guarantee privacy and confidentiality. ENIGMA's privacy activities and security experience offer a real and secure digital freedom.

We believe in non-invasive communication

We believe in relevant and timely, clear and exhaustive communication. Our communication goes beyond the concept of often abused digital marketing: we only inform you of the useful information to help you make the most of the experience of using our products and services. It is you who decides whether to continue receiving our communication or interrupting the service.

The choice of providers

Our external providers are companies, people, that we have the pleasure of knowing personally. The selection process was a rich experience and we selected our Partners carefully and based on mutual commitment in terms of privacy, security, professionalism and quality. With them we share only the data strictly necessary for the provision of services offered.


We adopt the principle of transparency, we do not use your personal data in any way for purposes other than those stated. We believe in clear, simple and understandable communication in which you can clearly reflect your needs.