Security Awareness

Did your company invest huge resources in an IT security system but it is as if nobody realized it?

ENIGMA supports companies in the digital transformation process through Security Awareness

programs aimed at training and sensitizing Governance and Managers.

The aim is to develop in users the essential skills, the techniques and basic methods to prevent security incidents as much as possible and to react as best as possible to any issue. Investing in a Security Awareness program means providing users with a certain level of awareness in terms of protecting corporate and personal data, as well as responding to and managing incidents, with the result of significantly increasing the company's security posture.

Managers often possess a good number of devices such as: notebooks, tablets and smartphones,

mobile and weak devices particularly subject to intrusion, theft and loss.

Often these devices are full of particularly critical company information: confidential documents, industrial secrets, sensitive data, access credentials and all email messaging, instant messaging and SMS, a true digital heritage.

It should not be overlooked that, often, the primary objectives of Hacker and Cyber espionage are precisely the highest levels of a company's management, for example, they act in the form of spear phishing and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), and to cope with them it is essential to have an adequate information security training.

Finally, one of the main responsibilities of Managers is to enforce corporate policies, develop human resources and ensure that each employee is adequately trained and prepared, and it is essential that they also acquire the same security criteria transmitted to the staff, and actively become part of the team work.

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