KriptoSpace is the Information Security - On Premis solution offered by Enigma able to provide the widest and most diversified range of responses for IT risk, prevention and mitigation activities.

Our technology makes it possible to improve the overall performance of the tools aimed at the protection of IT systems in terms of: availability, confidentiality and integrity of goods, understood as information, or IT assets in order to obtain an undisputed authenticity of data.

KriptoSpace is IT SECURITY TAILORED, a technology able to meet the real and specific needs of the customer, lends itself to full integration with the main operating systems offering a real efficiency in the management of security protocols that intervene in the activities of: transmission, sharing, processing and storage of confidential and / or sensitive data.

Developed and produced in Italy by highly qualified personnel, KRIPTOSPACE is the ideal choice to face in maximum safety. the most ambitious challenges and projects.


KriptoSpace  Provides and manages secure access to information flows between authorized personnel. It allows to profile protected communication networks in order to perform, in maximum security and confidentiality, rapid and relevant operational provisions.

Every day, Enigma's end-to-end solutions enable managers and professionals to use secure communications and efficient control systems.

KriptoSpace will soon be a Web application to allow distribution in SaaS mode, in line with the requestsfor efficiency improvement in production performance and to favor a real reduction in operating costs.

KRIPTOSPACE ® is a registered trademark of Enigma Srls