The Enigma's Cyber Security Protocol

Enigma response to the growing demand for information security is a protocol that, by means of systems and tools, generates an extremely safe working environment. Developed and implemented in Italy, in compliance with the most stringent regulations, our protocol KRIPTOSEAL has been designed with a specific purpose: placing only the legitimate owners and users of the protocol in the position of command and control of the operations of generation, transmission and correspondence of data.

This design mode aims to completely exclude the risk that third parties can, through cyber crime or cyber espionage, identify and intercept the flow of communications and their contents. KRIPTOSEAL allows the user to use a sterile environment protected from external attacks, which leaves no trace of its use and guarantees the maximum result in terms of Privacy and Confidentiality.

KRIPTOSEAL, while employing the highest security standards and the most advanced technologies, is extremely simple to use. A user friendly sandbox, assisted by a highly performing profiling, allows the user to create, transmit and store computer data in total security.

At the end of the operations, the work session disappears and KRIPTOSEAL deletes, from both the PC and the USB, any trace of system operation, allowing the data to be recalled only by the actual protocol holder, preventing unauthorized third parties from finding any indication or proof of use of the system.

It has been designed with the precise aim of allowing its use even to people totally lacking in computer skills. In the digital world, it’s increasingly urgent the need to create a solid and secure defensive line to respond effectively to the risks associated with the activities we perform, more and more frequently, in digital environments.

Why do we use two USB devices?

We designed and implemented KRIPTOSEAL protocol, thinking about the real needs of the end user in terms of security and confidentiality.

As support and distribution modality, we have chosen the USB hardware option, and the KRIPTOSEAL protocol is installed within it, in live mode. This means that all activities performed when using KRIPTOSEAL, disappear as soon as the system is shut down.

Moreover, USB support allows a real possession of the protocol, associating it with a physical, material component, able to move freely with the person who uses it, and working in any context and condition, wherever you are. We have chosen to implement a two-way protocol, which allows communication between two distinct and different subjects, who dialogue only and exclusively with each other, with the certainty that outside of this system, nothing and nobody will ever be able to access their digital communications. With KRIPTOSEAL, it is possible to open other bidirectional channels with a variable number of owners and users of the protocol, in order to create, manage and profile a real and secure digital network.

KRIPTOSEAL ® is a registered trademark of Enigma Srls