Penetration test

The analysis includes several phases; the goal will be to bring to light the flaws and weaknesses of your system by aiming to critical recovery of most information. This will allow the selection and consequent retrieval of information and data about the vulnerability of your systems: “Identify the problem is already part of its solution”.

Analysis if performed by ENIGMA Tiger Team and consists of exploiting the vulnerabilities detected in the system in order to obtain as much information as possible to unduly access the system.

The penetration test can help determine if the system's defenses are sufficient or if they show any vulnerabilities by listing, in this case, what defenses the Tiger Team has defeated.

All security problems detected are then presented to the customer together with an assessment of their impact on the system and in the corporate business scenario, providing customized technical solutions in order to achieve a high standard of system security.

The penetration test is able to provide a clear and timely estimate of the defense capabilities and the level of penetration achieved by the company towards:

  • vulnerabilities within the system;
  • vulnerabilities external to the system;
  • of physical security;

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